How To Block Jio SIM Online and Offline

Are you here means you want to Block Your Jio Sim. If you want it, then please read this full guide on How to Block Jio SIM with Online and Offline Methods in 2024.

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Hello, My dear Friends, My Name is Thomas, and Today in This post I tell you the best, possible simple step-by-step guide on the Block of your Jio SIM Imminently.

Jio is the No.1 Telecom Operator in India. Jio Launched in 2016 and Grow in India like a Rocket.

Currently, an estimated 3 users are from Jio out of 5 users. This is the power Of Reliance Jio.

If You are Using Reliance Jio SIM and by accident, you lost your SIM, and Now you want to block it, then follow the given below Trucks.

3 Methods For Deactivate Your Jio SIM

Below, You see two types of Jio SIM deactivation Methods; you can use these methods to block your Jio SIM in an Emergency Situation.

Online Method to Block Jio SIM

Follow the Given Below Steps to Block your Jio SIM Online.

  1. Go to Jio Official Website >
  2. Here login with Your Jio ID.
  3. Now Click on My Account
  4. Here you see the Option for settings
  5. Tap or Click on this Option
  6. Now Here, you Find the Option of “Suspend or Resume.
  7. Now Click on the Suspend Option to Block your Jio SIM
  8. After this, your Jio SIM is Blocked!
  9. So Now Your SIM is Not Working

Block Jio SIM Offline Trick

This is A Popular method from the entire history to block any sim. Also, you can use this method to prevent your Jio SIM. In this method, you want to call the Customer care number.

Follow given below steps to block Jio SIM With Customer Care Number Help.

  1. Call on Customer care Number 1800-88-99999 or 198
  2. You can call any other Jio number that you have
  3. Now Talk with Customer Support agents about Your Problem
  4. Like – Blocking Jio SIM
  5. Now the Customer Support Agent very your details like – Name, Phone Number, age or Address
  6. After verification, Jio Customer Support Helper blocks your jio SIM.

Deactivate Jio SIM By Visiting Jio Store

This is 3rd best way to block your Jio SIM. In this method, you visit the Jio Store with your Basic Identity Documents.

Here You can Deactivate your Jio SIM in a short time. So Jio Store also is an excellent way to block or activate Jio SIM.

So, Friends, this is these are the 3 best methods to block and deactivate your Jio SIM in 20241. I hope you understand all about Jio SIM Card Blocking, Now We See Some FAQs about Jio SIM blocks.

FAQ About Jio SIM Deactivation

How to get the Same lost Jio SIM Number?

If you want to get the Same Jio Number of Jio Sim, that you lost, then go to the Jio store with your verification documents. Here you tell them your problem, and he gives you a new Jio Sim on the Same Number that you want.

How can I deactivate my Jio Sim online?

You can deactivate your Jio SIM online by following above mention Jio SIM Online Block method. This method helps you to block your Jio Sim Online.

How do you check if Jio SIM is deactivated?

If you want to check if your Jio is Deactivated, then go to and log in with your details. Now visit your account section, here you see your SIM Deactivation status in Suspend or Resume Option.

How can I activate my Jio Sim online?

After blocking or deactivating Jio SIM if you want to activate your Jio SIM then, follow the below steps to activate your Jio SIM.
1. Go to Official website.
2. Now log in with Jio ID
3. Now Go to Your Account section.
4. Here Find the Option of Suspend or Resume
5. If You already Blocked your Jio Sim, then here you see the Option of Resume.
6. Now Click on the Resume Option
7. After this, you, Jio SIM, will be Again Activated.

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