(3 Tricks) How to Copy Text from Protected Website (Enable Right Click)

How to copy text from a protected website, if you want to copy Text from Text protected website or right-click a disabled webpage, then in this post, I am going to tell you one way to copy text from protected web pages & websites.

How to Copy Text from Protected Website

Why is right-click disabled on some Websites?

Friends, you must have seen many websites while running the Internet, and whenever you are surfing the web, then you will come across some sites on which you cannot copy any content. Because the owner of that website has disabled the right-click on their website. Because of this you cannot copy any content or text from his website.

JavaScript is running on-site, which is why the right-click on that website does not work. But guys have you wondered why right-click does not work on some sites? So the answer is that the owner of that website has done this because he does not want any other people to copy any text or content from his website.

This is the reason that many bloggers disable right-clicking on their websites so that the content of their website is not missed use. But many times, we need that content, or we want to copy that content due to some other reason but are not able to. So in this post, I am going to tell you a solution so that you can copy text from any content-protected website very quickly.

How to Copy Text from Protected Website

Friends, it is straightforward to copy content or text from any content-protected webpage. But many times some people are not able to do this, so for them here I am going to explain to you in simple language. In that way, you can copy text from any website, whatever the website content is protected using JavaScript.

Here been For this, you have to do that if you are using any browser, then you will “press Ctrl + P” on your keyboard. As soon as you do this, then a popup window will open, and there you will see all the content of the website which was protected. Now you can copy that content from here very quickly.

How to Copy Text from Protected Website 2nd Method

Friends, I told you the first way, if you do not want to use that method, then there is another way to do this work. For this, you have to visit a website, and after going over that website, you will see a search box there. There you will enter the URL of that web page or that website, from which site you have to copy any content or text. So let me tell you which website you have to visit and how what to do after going there.

  • First of all, you have to go to the AllowCopy website.
  • After visiting this website, you will see a search box where you have to enter the URL of the web page or website so that you want to copy the content.
  • After doing this, that website will open inside this website, and from there, you can copy the content.

Enable Right Click to Copy Text From Protected Website

Friends, the ultimate method to copy text from any protected webpage is “Enable Right Click.”Enable Right Click – Enable right Click is a Chrome & Mozilla Extention. He gives you the ability to copy text from any website on the Internet. Enable Right Click is all one method to Copy text from Protected Website. Follow the Given below method to copy text from a protected Website or Right Click Disable Website.

  • Go to Chrome Web Store or Mozilla Firefox Store
  • Now Download Enable Right Click extension on your Browser.
  • Now Visit the Website That is Disable Right Click
  • Now Click on Extention 
  • Now you see 3 options.
  • 1 – Enable Right Click
  • 2 – Ultimate Mode
  • 3 – Disable Javascript
  • Now select Enable Right Click option.
  • Now try to Copy the text (if the text is copied then all is done)
  • Now Try Ultimate Mode (With the help of this Mode you can copy any text from any website)
  • Now try Disable Javascript – this is an ultimate & god mode. With the help of this Mode, you can disable the javascript on any website.

Friends, you can copy any content or text from any website using both these methods, if JavaScript is running over that website or the site has protected the content. How did you like this post tell me by commenting, if you liked this post, then you can follow us. We always post similar tips, tricks and related technology articles on this website. So TechAccents visit from time to time.


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  1. have tried both way but still cant copy, the page shows "this page is a protected contents and bla bla bla"
    tried to disable javascript then the page wont load, while any 3rd party installed do nothing too
    something something macrolink is added when i tried to save the page, and the contents wont show up if i use the one from copied html

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