Official Final Cut Pro (FREE) For Lifetime (Complete Guide)

Final Cut Pro is a very popular software on Mac OS, and many video creators and video editors use Final Cut Pro for their projects.

But as you also know, Final Cut Pro is a paid software, and you need to pay approximately $300 for Final Cut Pro.


So this post is about how you can get Final Cut Pro on your Mac for a free lifetime. It sounds crazy … but it is accurate.

Read this post till the end, and you will know how you can use the Final Cut Pro official version on your Mac for free forever.

Final Cut Pro FREE For Lifetime

So let’s see how we can use Final Cut Pro for free for a lifetime, and For this method, you don’t need to download an extra app or file. We’ll apply this method in the official FCP and make it accessible forever.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use Final Cut Pro for free.

  1. Download The Final Cut Pro trial on your Mac
  2. Install The Final Cut Pro trial on your Mac
  3. Now, if you have a  new Mac, then you will get 90 days free trial and if you have an old Macbook then you will get 30-day trial
  4. But don’t worry we will make it free forever 
  5. No scroll down this post below and you will see a code 
  6. Copy all code and open the terminal on your Mac
  7. now paste all code that you copied and press enter
  8. all done now your Final Cut Pro is free forever
  9. All done
mv -v ~/Library/Application\ Support/.ffuserdata ~/.Trash

How it Works

So now many of you have a question that how it works and how we will get FCP For free.

In this method, you have to first register for the Final Cut Pro trial and install the trial version of Final Cut Pro on your Mac. If your trial has already been completed you can also use this method.

So the above-mentioned code deletes your fcp trial period counter file and you will get again 90 or 30 days trail. You can apply this method to use Final Cut Pro free for a lifetime..

Now you know how it works and this method is very simple and safe. using this method you will don’t lose your Final Cut Pro project data or any other data.


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