What is Google Pay (Tez) – Fully Explain

What is Google Pay (Tez), How to use Google Pay, if you no know about google pay, then you read this post until the end? I explain to you, all the information about Google Pay (Tez).

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What is Google Pay

Google Pay App is a Digital Payment App created by Google, based on UPI (Unified Payment Interface). With its help, you can send and receive money quickly. Which is operated by NPCI, NPCI manages India’s banking system. This app is used for online payment. In this app, payment is made from UPI.

Google Pay is neither a Wallet nor a payment bank. It is a UPI Based App. After your bank account is linked in Google Pay App, you can transfer money online to anyone at any time with the help of internet. Transferring money from Google Pay is very easy and secure.

What is Google Tez

When Google launched its new Payment App some time ago, it was named Google Tez. But recently, Google has changed the name of Google Tez App to Google Pay. All the features of Google Pay are similar to Google Tez. Google Tez is Launched on 19 September 2017. After some time, this name replaces with Google Pay on 28 august 2018.

How to Create Google Pay Account

Friends, now let me tell you how you can create a Google Pay account. The method I am telling you here is quite simple and easy. Using this method, you can easily create a Google Pay account. Follow the steps given below to create a Google Pay account.

Steps For Create Google Pay Account

  1. Install Google Pay App from Google Play Store. Click Here
  2. Open Google Play App and insert a mobile number that is linked to your Bank Account and Enter OTP.
  3. Select your Gmail ID.
  4. Now add your Bank Account in Google Pay by clicking on Add Bank option.
  5. Now Your Google Pay Account has been created Successfully.

Google Pay – FAQ

What is Google Pay Rewards?

When you use Google Pay to send and receive money, you get a Google Pay Rewards, in Google Pay Rewards, you get some cash as a reward.

Can Google Pay is secure for online payment?

Yes, Google Pay is secure for online payment. In this, multiple layers have been created for the security of your account so that no one can hack your account. All transactions made in it are secured through UPI PIN.

Guys, I hope you understand about Google Pay (Tez), and You must have learned to create Google Pay Account.

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