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If you want to get more followers on Instagram? Then IGHoot helps you to get unlimited followers on Instagram for Free!

In today’s post, I explain how to get instant 300+ followers on an Instagram account with IGHoot.

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Hello, friends; my name is Sumer & today, I will tell you how to gain free Instagram followers and likes in this post.

Instagram is the most growing social media platform in today’s time. Every man expects to grow on Instagram. But it is not easy to get more likes & followers on Instagram.

But Friends, wait! If you use IGHoot, you can get instant 300+ followers on your Instagram.

If you don’t know What IGHoot is, read this post until the end. In the post, I tell you, what is IGHoot? How to use it? And, most importantly, how to get 300+ followers in one single click for Instagram. So let’s see.

I request you to read all the steps for getting unlimited Instagram likes from IGHoot.

What is IGHoot?

IGHoot is an Instagram auto liker & auto followers bot. He gives you 300+ followers on your Instagram account in one click. IGHoot Provide you Instagram likes, Instagram comments & also get Instagram followers.

IGHoot Instagram Auto Followers

IGHoot mainly works like “follow for following” (Follow4follow) & “like for like” (Like4Like).

If you use this tool to get Instagram likes and followers on your Instagram account, then this tool gives you 300 followers in one click.

Now let me tell you How to Use IGHoot Instagram Followers?

How to use IGHoot?

If you do not know how to use Ighoot Instagram liker, read this section carefully.

IGHoot is available for use in two (2) ways. You can use IGHoot from its website, or you can also use IGHoot by android application. So let’s check all ways to use it.

  1. IGHoot Website
  2. IGHoot APK (Android Application)

IGHoot Instagram Liker Website

If you want to get likes on your Instagram pictures, visit IGHoot Instagram Liker.

Now you can create an account on Ighoot. If you already have an IGHoot account, then please log in.

Follow the given below steps to Create IGHoot Account.

  1. Go to IGHoot Website
  2. Now Find Signup option.
  3. Now click on it
  4. Here you enter info. like – Name, Email or Password
  5. Now click on create an account.
  6. Now open your Mail Inbox.
  7. Here you See IGHoot Account Confirmation Email.
  8. Now Verify your Details & Click on Verify Email Address
  9. Your Registration is Complete!
IGHoot Instagram login

IGHoot Instagram Follower APK Download

Above I told you about the IG Hoot Instagram website & gave you a basic registration introduction.

Now let’s see some details about IGHoot Instagram Bot APK. If you are interested in downloading APK, follow the below link.

IGhoot App is currently available only for Android users and Android devices. If you are an Android user, download the APK File & Install it on your Android.

IGHoot App iOS – The App is Currently Not Available for iOS. If you use iOS devices, you can use its website to get Instagram Followers & Likes.

After downloading APK on your Phone, Now do register or login. Use Website login or Registration tutorial.

All is done! Now see how to use IGHoot Instagram Auto liker, Instagram Auto Followers, & Instagram Auto Comments.

IGHoot Free Instagram Tools

IGHoot Instagram tools

Now I will give you one by one some information and necessary use tutorial of all the tools of IGHoot.

IGHoot Instagram Auto Liker

Friends follow given below steps to get unlimited likes on your Instagram pics for free with the help of the IGhoot Instagram bot.

IGHoot Instagram Auto liker
  1. You need to Download APK or Visit Website of IGHoot.
  2. Now log in to your details.
  3. if you are on the website, then click on “Instagram liker.”
  4. Now here you Earn coins by following other users.
  5. If you have a coin, then you can get unlimited likes on your Instagram account.
  6. So you can use this trick on an Android APP or Website.

IGHoot Auto Followers (Instagram)

After gaining likes on your photos, I will tell you how to get your Instagram account followers. So let’s see.

IGHoot offers you 300+ followers in one click! But how to get it. Let’s see a complete tutorial to get 300 Instagram followers instantly.

Follow the below steps to get 300 Instagram followers on your Insta Account.

IGHoot Instagram Auto Followers
  1. Go to Website of ighoot
  2. Here you log in or signup.
  3. Now here you see an option for getting Instagram followers.
  4. Now Click on “Instagram Followers”
  5. After click on Instagram followers option
  6. Now Here You see some Instagram account.
  7. Now follow these Instagram account.
  8. Here you earn for 1 follow = 11 Coins or 1 Like = 7 coins
  9. Now click on “Promote Your Account.
  10. Here Add your Instagram Profile URL (ID)
  11. Now select what you want. Exp. Instagram likes followers, Video Views.
  12. Now select the number of followers that you want.
  13. Now click on Start Promotion option.
  14. After click on it, IGHoot gives you free Instagram followers.

IGHoot Instagram Video Views

Friends ighoot also offer you Free Instagram Video Views. You can use this feature to get Instagram story views or video views.

But friends, unfortunately, this feature is currently not available. It is under contraction. This option is coming soon.

It is possible to launch this feature in the next 1 or 2 months. So could you wait for it?

When Instagram video views and story view features are available on IGHoot, you can access them by following the below steps.

  1. Visit IGHoot official website.
  2. Now go to the tools section.
  3. Here you select Instagram Video Views or Story Views (that you want)
  4. Now enter your Video or Story URL
  5. Now click on Get Views option.
  6. Now IGHoot Bot Send you Views on your Story or Video.

IGHoot – Auto Comments and comments liker (Auto)

If you want to get auto comments or auto comments liker, you can use the ighoot auto comments tool or Ighoot comments liker tool.

These tools help you get more comments and comments like your Instagram photo.

So friends, Now see how to use IGHoot’s these tools.

Currently, these tools are not live (available) on the IGHoot website or application. These tools are coming soon.

follow the given below steps to access these tools (when available!)

  1. Go to the IGHoot Promotion option.
  2. Here you see these tools name
  3. Now select the tool (that you want)
  4. Now enter your Instagram post URL
  5. Now click on get comments option.
  6. Now IGHoot Instagram Bot started to sending comments on your post.


Is IG Hoot Safe or Legal?

No! Ig hoot is not safe for your Instagram account. But compared to other Instagram liker or follower bots, this is most secure. Because you manage your Instagram account in this App or Website, your account is not managed by IG hoot System. 
If you ask me if ig hoot legal, then my answer is no. This app or website is not legitimate, and these types of sites that provide services like this are also not permitted.

Why do I tell you about this service?

Good question! I tell you about ighoot only for education purposes. You can try it on your fake id and see how it works. Also, you know about how web designers develop these types of websites.

Is my Instagram Account Safe with Ig hoot?

No! if you use these types of Instagram liker and follower bot, then Instagram bans your account. but if you are doing this process for a limited time, then maybe your account is safe. (with 50% chance)

What are the real ways to increase Instagram followers and likes?

I have already written a post you can read on this topic – How to Get Real Instagram Followers. In the post, I will tell you a lot of ways of getting genuine Instagram followers on your account.

So, friends, this is the complete overview of the IGHoot Instagram tool. I hope you like this article; if you like it, then share it with your friends.

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