How to increase Instagram followers – Fast and Real

How to increase Instagram followers. If you want to get followers on Instagram, then you visited the right article. In this article, I told you how to get more followers on Instagram.

Friends, these days on social media, everyone wants it to become famous, but it does not happen. Not everyone is becoming popular on social media. Today there are many leading social media platforms in India and around the world. Still, today we are going to talk about the world-famous social media network Instagram in this post.


Instagram, which can be seen on the mobile of every young person, and the competition is going to increase followers on Instagram. The biggest celebrities also use Instagram to stay connected with their fans. This is why Instagram is a viral social media network today.

So friends, now we know all the ways that we can get real followers on Instagram. So read the article till the end so that I can explain to you in the right direction, how to increase your Instagram followers.

How to increase Instagram followers for free

Friends, I am going to share 5 ways with you to increase followers on Instagram, by which you can increase your Instagram followers. The 5 ways that I am going to tell you, they work 100%. In this post, I am going to say to you only Genuine and Real Tricks. (I will not tell you in this post about Instagram Auto Followers or Instagram Boat Followers)

5 Tricks for getting free Instagram followers

  1. Arrange Your Instagram Account
  2. Upload High-Quality images on Instagram
  3. Using #hastag on Instagram images
  4. Add a location with your Instagram photo.
  5. Tag friends and brand, companies

Friends, you see the points above, you have to follow these points only then you can increase your followers on Instagram. So let me tell you how to develop these points. (Step by step)

Arrange Your Instagram Account

In the first step, you will have to manage your Instagram account well. How to manage the Instagram account? If you do not know how to manage your Instagram account, then I tell you how you will achieve your Instagram account. In maintaining an Instagram account, you have to take care of the following things.

  • On Instagram, you will need to generate a custom username for yourself. Like –
  • You have to write your bio on Instagram.
  • You will also have to provide an email ID on your Instagram account.
  • Use your own photo in the profile pic.

Upload High-Quality images on Instagram

In the second phase, to increase followers on Instagram, you have to upload regular and high-quality images. You will only upload your best photos on Instagram. Before uploading a photo to Instagram, do a photo edit once. If your followers are very less on Instagram, then you should not upload a selfie at all. You will have to upload unique photos only then your Instagram followers will be increased.

Using #hastag on Instagram images

In the third step, you should use the Hashtag with your Instagram photo. You should mention all the popular Hashtag related to your photo with the post. If you use a hashtag, then your photo has more chances of going viral on Instagram. Even if you do not have a massive number of followers, even then your photo gets likes. Friends, you should also use this trick to increase Instagram followers.

Add a location with your Instagram photo.

In the fourth step, you have to add a location with your Instagram photo. I mean, the place where you have uploaded the photo on Instagram, add the area there with that photo. By doing this, your photo gets reachable to more people due to which the picture gets more likes. In this way, there are more chances to boost Instagram followers. So you must have to use this method.

Tag Friends, Brand, Companies and Related

In the fifth step, you should tag your Instagram photo with your friends, brand, company or elements related to the picture. Like – if you have taken a photo with a friend, then tag it, if you are wearing a T-shirt of a brand, then tag that brand. Doing this also increases your Instagram followers.

Friends, these were the 5 real ways by which you can increase your Instagram followers. Using these methods, you can grow on Instagram very quickly. How did you like this post, let us know by commenting. If you liked our post, then do share it on social media. Come back on Tech Accents to read similar articles.


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