Top 5 Best Indian Tech Blogs! That you Follow in 2020 for Tech Updates

Today, we are going to learn about Top 5 Indian Tech Blogs. If you want to be updated with technology, then you must read this Top 5 Indian Tech Blogs.

The best way to stay updated from the technological world is to read tech blogs because reading tech blogs will give you many technical world news. There are many tech-blogs on the web, but you must read this article to get the best information. In this article, we will tell you about the 5 best Indian tech blogs.

indian Tech Blogs

List of Top 5 Best Indian Tech Blogs

1. ShoutMeLoud by Harsh Agarwal

Shoutmeloud is an Indian tech blog, where you will get information related to tech Harsh Agarwal is the owner of this blog. Harsh Agrawal posts related information on social media, online earnings, blogging, and software, etc. on his tech blog soutmeloud. You get useful jobs and better data related to tech on the soutmeloud blog.

  • Reach – 14918
  • Country Rank – 1816 (india)
  • Global Rank – 16888
    ShoutMeloud by Harsh Agarwal 

2. labnol by Amit Agrawal

labnol is an Indian tech blog, But this blog is popular in the USA. Where you will find information related to technology, Amit Agrawal is the owner of this blog. Amit Agrawal provides information related to social media, online earning, blogging, gadgets, and software, etc. on his Tech Blog Labonne. On the Labnol blog, you get useful posts related to Tech. You can also use this blog to increase your technical knowledge.

  • Reach – 10183
  • Country Rank – 7267 (USA)
  • Global Rank – 13386
    Labnol by Amit Agarwal 

3. Nextbigwhat by Ashish Sinha

NextBigWhat is an Indian Tech Blog, where you will find information related to technology, Ashish Sinha is the owner of this blog. Ashish Sinha gives information related to gadgets, tech news, review, and tips tricks, which is very helpful for you.

  • Reach – 146664
  • Country Rank – 9864 (India)
  • Global Rank – 163840
    NextBigWhat by Ashish Sinha  

4. GuidingTech by Abhijit Mukherjee

GuidingTech is an Indian Technology Blog, owned by Abhijit Mukherjee. Abhijeet Mukherjee, inside GuidingTech, gives you information on technical topics. Abhijit Mukherjee gives you the information in GuidingTech related to Gadgets, How to Tech, Best Mobile Apps, and Tech. Guiding Tech is an excellent Indian Tech blog where you get any information related to Tech, in too simple language.

  • Reach – 8189
  • Country Rank – 8098 (USA)
  • Global Rank – 11124
    GuidingTech By Abhijeet Mukherjee 

5. 9lessons by Srinivas Tamada

Srinivas Tamada is the owner of 9lessions, 9lessions is an Indian technical blog. Srinivasa Tamada provides information related to tech languages, at 9lessions. Like – Java, PHP & More.

  • Reach – 100527
  • Country Rank – 13054 (India)
  • Global Rank – 111753
    9Lessons by Srinivas Tamada 

Friends list of Top 5 Indian Tech Blogs We have made it through our personal experience, where we can not add some blogs to this list. If you think so, you must tell me the names of those blogs. We will add them to the upcoming list of Top 5 Indian Tech Blogs. If you liked the list of these Top 5 Indian Tech Blogs, please tell us by commenting.

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