Jio Prime – Jio Prime Membership 2020

Today in This Post, I tell you about Jio Prime Membership 2020. I also tell you what the recharge plan for Jio prime in 2020 & more Detail About Jio Prime Membership 2020 is. So let’s Start to Know more about Jio Prime 2020.

Jio Prime Membership 2020

Friends, I am going to give you information about Jio Prime as per the steps are given below. Follow them.

  1. What is Jio Prime
  2. Jio Prime Membership 2020
  3. Jio Prime 2020 Recharge
  4. Jio prime membership last date

What is Jio Prime?

Friends, for those of you who do not know what Jio Prime is, let me tell you that Jio Prime is a Prime Recharge coming from Jio. According to this recharge, you get some extra benefits inside Jio. If you are a subscriber of Jio, So you must have recharged Jio Prime. The recharge of Jio Prime ₹99 for 1 year.

Jio provides you with many benefits inside Jio Prime. Jio provides its Prime services to Jio Prime Customer for free. For this, you have to take the prime membership of Jio. In Jio Prime, you get to see many exclusive services of Jio TV, Jio Cinema, JioSaavn, and Jio Tunes.

Jio Prime Membership 2020

Friends, as you know, Jio flowed you Jio Prime absolutely free in 2019. For this, you did not have to do any kind of recharge. You will also be aware that Jio Prime is coming to an end on 31 March 2020.

Now the question will also be arising in your mind that in 2020 how much will have to be recharged for Jio Prime Membership and what are the plans for Jio Prime Membership. I am going to give all these questions to you in this post.

Jio Prime Membership 2020 Recharge

First of all, we know how much you have to pay in 2020 for Jio Prime Membership. Friends, no official information has come from Jio for this, how much you have to pay in 2020 for Jio Prime. But here, let me tell you that if Jio takes money from you for Jio Prime Membership, then that amount will be 99 rupees per year.

Apart from this, as you know that Jio provided Jio Prime absolutely free in 2019. You got Jio Prime membership absolutely free. So, in the same way, Jio can also provide Jio Prime Membership for free this time as a gift.

Jio Prime Membership Last Date

Friends, as I told you, Jio Prime is going to end on 31 March 2020, and you may have to recharge for Jio Prime later. It is also possible that Jio Prime will end forever, and you do not have to recharge for Jio Prime. But its chance is very less.

Why Jio Charge For Jio Prime Membership

Friends, while using Jio, you must have thought that, why does Jio take money from us for Jio Prime? Because if we talk about other telecom operators like Vodafone-idea Airtel or BSNL, then you do not see any such option in them, or those operators do not charge you any extra charge. But Jio charges you extra for Jio Prime.

So, friends, Jio takes extra charge for Jio Prime, because Jio takes the money of the services that provided you within Jio Prime. Within the rest of the operator, you do not get to see services like Jio’s Prime Services. Therefore, that operator does not charge you for any prime service.

How to Recharge Your Jio Prime Membership 2020

Friends, if Jio frees its Jio Prime Membership in 2020, it would be quite a good thing. But if Jio takes money from you for Jio Prime Membership in 2020, then how you will recharge for Jio Prime Membership? Now I am telling you this.

Friends, you can go to any Jio retailer to recharge in Jio Prime Membership 2020. Apart from this, you will also get the option to recharge the Jio Prime Membership within the My Jio app & You will also be able to recharge your Jio Prime Membership from Paytm, PhonePe, etc. wallets.

Friends, I hope you liked this article of ours today. Where I told you about the Jio Prime Membership 2020. If you like the article, then share it on social media. You came back to our website to read more articles like this.

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