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Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox video games ever created. It allows players to build and create anything they can imagine in a virtual Lego-like world. While the core Minecraft game is great on its own, mods allow you to customize and expand the gameplay in endless ways.

Mods, short for modifications, are user-created additions and tweaks that change how Minecraft looks and plays. Mods let you do things like add new blocks, mobs, dimensions, weapons, and even entirely new gameplay mechanics. Mod apk refers to a modified version of the official Minecraft app that has mods pre-installed.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting and using Minecraft mods on Android devices.

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Benefits of Using Minecraft Mods

Here are some of the top reasons to use Minecraft mods:

  • More content – Mods massively expand the content in Minecraft. You can get mods that add hundreds of new blocks, items, mobs, biomes, dimensions, and more. Even simple gameplay mods can dramatically increase the number of things you can do.
  • Enhanced gameplay – Many mods focus on enhancing vanilla Minecraft gameplay. You can get mods that improve crafting, add new abilities, introduce new mechanics like electricity or geology, overhaul survival mode, and much more.
  • Customization – Mods allow you to heavily customize your Minecraft experience. You can add the mods you want and tailor the game to match your preferences. From graphical overhauls to zombie apocalypses, the possibilities are endless.
  • Multiplayer access – Most mod packs and mod loaders now support multiplayer, allowing you to enjoymods with friends. Exploring modded adventures together opens up even more possibilities.
  • Easy installation – Installing Minecraft mods is quick and straightforward on Android devices, especially with mod loaders like Forge. Just download, install, and activate.

How to Get Minecraft Mods on Android

There are a few different ways to install mods for the Android version of Minecraft. Here are the most common options:

Install Modded Minecraft APKs

The easiest way is to download a modded Minecraft APK. These are Minecraft APK files that have mods already bundled and installed. All you have to do is download and open the APK to start playing the modded version of Minecraft.

Some popular sites for getting modded APKs include MCPEdl and Modded Minecraft APK. You can browse mod packs or search for specific mods. Just be sure to download from trusted sites to avoid malware.

The downside to this method is you are limited to that pre-selected collection of mods. You don’t have flexibility to pick and choose mods like other methods. But it’s by far the simplest option.

Use Minecraft Add-Ons

Minecraft for Android supports add-ons which allow you to add some mod-like capabilities without fully modding the game. Add-ons can do things like add new textures, change mob behavior, add custom crafting recipes, and alter world generation.

Add-ons don’t give you nearly as much freedom as full mods, but they are super easy to install. Just download the MCAddon file and import it in your world settings. Sites like MCPEdl have tons of awesome add-ons to browse.

Install a Mod Loader like Forge

For true modding power and freedom, you’ll want to use a mod loader. This allows you to mix and match mods to build a custom modpack. The most popular option for Android is Forge for Minecraft, formerly known as Minecraft Forge PE.

After installing Forge, you can start adding individual mod files (.JAR files). It will handle all dependencies, compatibility, and mod integration. Forge opens up virtually endless modding potential.

You can find Forge on sites like MCPEdl. It’s a bit more complex but by far the best modding option for complete control.

Top Minecraft Mods for Android

Now let’s look at some of the best Minecraft mods available for Android. These are just a sampling – there are thousands of great mods out there to discover.

Utility/Gameplay Enhancement Mods

Mods that improve vanilla gameplay mechanics or add quality of life improvements.

  • Xaero’s Minimap – Adds a customizable minimap overlay to navigate more easily. Similar to PC minimaps.
  • Just Enough Items (JEI) – Allows you to see all crafting recipes and usages for items in-game. Extremely useful.
  • Inventory Pets – Pets that unlock special abilities and features the more you carry them in your inventory.
  • Iron Chests – Adds higher tier chests like diamond, obsidian, crystal for more storage.

New Mobs

These mods add amazing new creatures to find and interact with.

  • Ice and Fire: Dragons – Brings dragons in all shapes, sizes and colors along with other creatures like cyclops, hippogriffs, and more.
  • Primitive Mobs – Adds over 15 new prehistoric style mobs like mammoths, cave ogres, dire wolves, and even dinosaurs!
  • Alex’s Mobs – Over 40 unique mobs like frogs, komodo dragons, elephants, ostriches, magma snails, and ghost stingrays.
  • JurassiCraft – Extensive mod that recreates dinosaurs and prehistoric scenery in immense detail. Like stepping into Jurassic Park.

New Dimensions/World Types

Explore brand new worlds and dimensions with these mods.

  • Aether II – Build a portal to the Aether dimension and explore a heavenly world high in the clouds.
  • Galacticraft – Construct rockets to travel to planets and moons throughout the solar system like Mars, the asteroid belt, and more.
  • Extrabiomes XL – Adds lush new biomes to overworld terrain generation like Marsh, Savannah, Meadow and more.
  • Biomes O Plenty – Over 20 new biomes like Coral Reef, Alpine, Lavender Fields, and many more types to explore.

New Materials/Blocks

Enhance building and crafting with these material mods.

  • Pams HarvestCraft 2 – Massive mod adding tons of new crops, trees, food recipes and kitchen blocks. Take farming to the next level.
  • Upgrade Aquatic – Revamps oceans with new water physics, coral, fish, whales, shipwrecks and underwater caves to explore.
  • Quark – Adds all sorts of new building blocks like stairs, slabs, and decorative options for vanilla blocks. An incredibly useful decorator’s mod.
  • Future MC – Hundreds of modern futuristic blocks from bedrock to stained glass, holographic blocks, neon glowing panels and more.

Visual/Graphics Mods

Mods that overhaul and enhance the graphics and visuals of the game.

  • ESBE 2G – Adds stunning lighting effects, shadows, animations and shaders to make Minecraft more atmospheric and cinematic.
  • BetterCraft – High resolution textures for almost everything that makes the game look radiant. From water to wood to mobs, it’s a full visual overhaul.
  • Clear Skies – Adds beautiful skies, sunsets, auroras and shooting stars for dazzling night views.
  • Jolicraft – A designer pixel style overhaul that transforms everything into bright and colorful blocky goodness.


These combine multiple mods together into one curated experience.

  • RLCraft – Ultra challenging modpack focused on survival and RPG elements like health, hunger, temperature. Overwhelmingly deadly mobs.
  • Tektopia – Build a bustling village from the ground up by attracting NPC villagers to your settlement. Focused on town-building.
  • Crazy Craft – Crammed with mods adding wild mobs like tornadoes, killer bunnies, giant swords and orespawn creatures. Pure madness.
  • Life in the village – Adds NPCs with conversation, relationships, jobs, and dynamic village activities. Makes villages feel alive.

Getting Started with Mods – Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to help you successfully dive into the world of Minecraft modding on Android:

  • Start small with a few mods and add more over time rather than overwhelming yourself at first.
  • When installing multiple mods, pay attention to compatibility. Some mods change similar things and may conflict.
  • Read mod descriptions and comments to check for potential issues or bugs with a mod. Updates and ports to newer Minecraft versions can also cause problems.
  • Use a mod manager like Forge to handle dependencies, load order, conflicts, and adding/removing mods smoothly.
  • Make regular backups of your worlds before installing new mods or making big mod changes. Things can always go wrong.
  • For stability, don’t go overboard with adding hundreds of mods at once. This can overtax your device and cause crashes.
  • Report issues directly to mod developers if you run into bugs. They can’t fix what they don’t know about.
  • If a mod requires a library mod like Mantle, be sure to install it first. Handle dependencies before the main mods.
  • Explore mod features and structures naturally through gameplay instead of cheating items in with mods like TooManyItems. More rewarding!

Finding the Best Mods

With thousands of mods out there, how do you find the good stuff? Here are some tips for locating quality mods:

  • Browse top files on major mod sites – Sort by popularity all time on sites like MCPEdl. Quality usually rises to the top.
  • Look at ratings/reviews – Mods with overall high ratings tend to be safer bets. But also read negative reviews for potential red flags.
  • Join modding communities – Subreddits like /r/MCPEmods, forums, Discord channels are great for insider mod suggestions.
  • Follow mod creators – Find YouTubers or creators who make great mods and follow their work. Patreon can give you beta access.
  • Check dependencies – Mods that require big library mods as dependencies usually offer richer features.
  • Search for keywords – Search sites for tags like ‘adventure’, ‘NPC’, ‘machine’ or names of mods you already enjoy.
  • Browse mod pack lists – Even if you don’t want full modpacks, their mod listings give you ideas.

Following these best practices will help you discover amazing mods and take your Android Minecraft experience to dizzying new heights! The modding community keeps producing ever more ambitious mods to transform the game in any direction you can imagine. With near-infinite possibilities, there’s no limit to the new adventures awaiting you. So get out there, get modding, and explore the limitless bounds of your imagination!


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