MX Player for PC and Windows 10/8/7 Download Now!

Today in this article, I tell you about “MX Player For PC” & Give you many working methods to run MX Player On PC. the ways that I give you are 100% working & tested by me. So let’s start to more know about how to download & install MX Player On PC/Laptop/Windows.

If you are searching on the web for MX Player for PC, then you see many results about MX Player for PC. But almost 70% to 80% result is showing you fake method to run MX Player on PC.

In Post, I tell you 3 to 4 best & easy tricks & tutorials to Run MX Player On PC/Laptop. If You Read this post till the end, then you can install MX Player On your PC Without any Problem.

This article tells you 3 to 4 methods to play MX player on pc. So, don’t worry. Because you can easily choose the best way for you to run MX Player in Your PC and Laptop.

MX Player for PC

Friends, here you see the list of methods to run MX Player Android App On Your PC.

  • Bluestacks Android Emulator
  • Online Website for MX Player
  • ScreenCast to run MX Player on PC
  • Nox Android Emulator

Friends, these methods help you to run MX Player On Your PC. you can choose anyone by your comfort. So let’s see more details about how to run MX Player on pc & how to download MX player for pc

MX Player For PC by Bluestacks Emulator

Friends, this is our first method to play MX player on pc. in this method, you can play MX player on your Laptop with the help of Bluestacks Android Emulator.


Bluestacks Android Emulator is a PC Software & He runs the android apps on pc. (windows) in the same way, BlueStsacks Help you to Run MX Player on Your PC. Because Bluestacks Run any .apk formate file & app on PC. So, MX Player is Available in .apk format. So you quickly run MX Player in PC With Blustacks.

Note:- we test this method on our Windows 7 computer, and it’s working correctly. MX Player For Windows 7. if this method working on windows 7, then 99% chance to work in other windows like Windows 10 and Windows 8.

How to Play MX Player on PC with BlueStacks

Follow given below steps to run MX Player on PC with BlueStacks Android Emulator.

  1. Go to the BlueStacks website.
  2. Now download BlueStacks Setup File.
  3. Now Open & install BlueStacks on your PC
  4. Now, Wait sometime
  5. After installing BlueStacks, Provide you, a virtual machine of android, in your PC.
  6. Now you can see BlueStacks Android Emulator Dashboard.
  7. Bluestacks android emulator is like an Android Phone.
  8. Now you can install .apk file of MX Player in your BlueStacks Android Emulator.
  9. If you now have a .apk file of MX Player, then Download from the Internet.
  10. Another Method to Download MX Player in PC is Google Play Store
  11. First, You can log in into Google Play Store on your pc (in blue stacks android emulator)
  12. Now download MX Player From Google Play Store & install on BlueStacks.
  13. Now open MX Player on BlueStacks.
  14. Now login to MX Player (if you need)
  15. Now you can access all the media files of your pc in MX player with MX player for pc.
  16. Now you successfully installed MX Player on your pc.
  17. Now you Play any media file on your pc with MX PLAYER FOR PC.
  18. Now you access all the features of MX Player android on PC.
  19. The interface of MX Player on PC is like an Android MX player.
  20. So, Enjoy MX Player on PC and Laptop

Online Website for MX Player for PC

Friends, now I tell you the 2nd best method to watch MX Player on Your PC/Laptop. in this method, you can watch MX Player on PC with the help of the MX Player Online Website.

MX Player Online Website is like YouTube. Here you can watch Movies, Tv Serial, TV Shows & more entertainment related content Online with MX Player For PC Website. If I talk one word for MX Playe online Website, then the MX player Website is A Free Online Video Streaming Website. This is Completely Free, but some time registration and login required. But this process is not laborious.

Note:- MX Player Online Website is the Only Available on Web. MX Player Website Some time does not Work on Mobile Devices. But This Website Working right on PC.

Watch MX Player On PC By Online Website

If you are interested in watching MX Player shows through the online Player website, then follow the given below guide.

  1. Visit MX Player Website
  2. Now register & login (if Needed)
  3. Now Search your favorite TV Shows, Web Shows, &Movies.
  4. Now Click on Play & Enjoy your MX Player without bluestacks on pc or Without install any Software.

ScreenCast to run MX Player on PC

The 3rd best method to run MX Player on PC is Screencast. Screencast helps you to play MX Player on Your PC & any Media File to Play on PC through your android device.


ScreenCast helps you to cast your screen to pc or Laptop. You can use a screencast to view the MX player on PC. After casting screen on pc, you can enjoy any MX Player Web series or TV Shows on your PC.

Note:- The Screencast is only casting your android device screen to pc & you can watch only your android device screen on pc. with this method, you are unable to play any media file that is on your computer.

Play MX Player on PC with ScreenCast

Follow the given below guide to watch MX Player on your pc with the help of Screencast. This guide helps you to watch MX Player on PC with Screencast without any problem.

  1. Download any screencast software on your pc & mobile
  2. you can also use default screencasting software in windows and android
  3. Now Cast your android screen on your pc
  4. Now Open MX Player and Play any Media that you like
  5. Now you See Your Content & media is casting on your pc/laptop’s big screen.
  6. Now all is done & you can enjoy your MX Player For PC.

MX Player On PC with Nox Android Emulator

Now I tell you the last trick & method of this post about MX Player For PC. NoxPlayer is an android emulator, and he helps you to run any android app on pc. Like – BlueStacks Android Emulator. NoxPlayer Help you to run any type of .apk formate file on your pc.

The Best Feature of this software is this because this software also runs on low-end pc. So if you have a low configuration pc, then you also run MX Player For PC on your Laptop.

Note:- This method works on Windows 10, 8, and Windows 7. I test this method on windows 10, and this method is working right. With the Help of This Method, I Watch MX Player For PC.

How to Run MX Player On PC with NoxPlayer

If you are ready to play MX Player on PC with the help of NoxPlayer, then follow the given below guide to easily Watch & install MX Player For PC.

  1. Visit NoxPlayer Website
  2. Now download NoxPlayer Setup File.
  3. Now Install NoxPlayer on your pc
  4. Now open & run NoxPlayer on Your PC
  5. Now install .apk file of MX Player in your NoxPlayer
  6. “You can also install MX Player Player From Google Play Store in NoxPlayer.”
  7. Now Open MX Player in NoxPlayer
  8. Now all is done
  9. You are successfully installed MX Player For PC
  10. Now you can enjoy MX Player on PC
  11. Now you also watch any media content of your pc in MX Player.

So, friends, these are the 4 uncomplicated, best & secure method to watch MX Player on PC. With the help of these methods, you can also install MX Player For PC.

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MX Player for PC – FAQ

How to Watch MX Player On PC?

with the help of these 4 methods, you can watch MX player on pc.

How to Play MX Player on Windows 10?

With the Help of these methods, you can play MX Player on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

How to install MX player for pc without Bluestacks?

Friends if you want to do install MX Player on PC Without Bluestacks, then follow 3 alternative methods of Bluestacks to install MX Player on PC.

How to watch the MX player series on the Laptop?

You can Watch MX Player Web Seris on the Laptop with the help of these methods. I recommended you MX Player Online Website to Watch MX series on Laptop.

How to watch MX player on tv?

if you have an Android TV, then You can Download MX Player App On Your Android TV & Enjoy MX Player. In case you didn’t have an android tv then you can use the screencast method to watch MX Player on TV.

How to Download MX Player for pc?

MX Player is an android app and currently at a time MX Player Not For PC. At this time, if you want to download MX Player For PC, then you use the above methods.

MX Player for jio phone?

at a time MX Player Only available for android & ios operating system. Jio phone is a KaiOS Based operating system & Jio Phone Does not support the .apk file of MX Player. but if you want to download mx player on jio phone then use omnisd file.

So, Friends, I Hope You like this article & I try to provide all information about MX Player for PC. I almost answer all your queries related to MX Player For PC. if You Like This post then do share it on Social Meda. Come Back on Our Blog to read more such articles like this.


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