Nix Injector APK v1.81 (Latest Version) Download 2024

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games for mobile devices. With a huge roster of heroes, skins, emotes, and other cosmetic items, MLBB offers players endless customization options. However, most of these cool items require spending money, which isn’t ideal for many gamers. This is where mod tools like Nix Injector come into play.

Nix Injector

What is Nix Injector?

Nix Injector is an Android app that allows MLBB players to unlock premium skins, effects, drone views, backgrounds, and more for free. Developed by a team of expert modders, Nix Injector is frequently updated to work with the latest version of MLBB. It’s considered the best MLBB mod tool due to its comprehensive feature set, simplicity of use, and reliability.

What Makes Nix Injector the Best Choice?

Here are some of the key benefits that make Nix Injector the top choice among MLBB fans looking to enhance their gaming experience:

  • Unlocks over 400 MLBB skins covering all hero types
  • Provides access to various skin types like MLBB Skin, Skin to Skin, and Painted Skin
  • Gives 40+ battle effects including Recall, Respawn, and Elimination
  • Allows flexible drone views up to 5X zoom for optimal vision
  • Works flawlessly even in Classic and Ranked matches
  • Offers custom backgrounds, intro videos, emotes, analogs, and more
  • 100% safe to use with no risk of getting banned
  • Intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate
  • Available for free with no passwords required
  • Regular updates to fix bugs and add new features

As you can see, Nix Injector essentially provides everything an MLBB player needs to take their game to the next level. The versatility allows full customization for a premium gaming experience without spending any money.

Download Nix Injector APK 2024

Here are the Download links to Nix Injector’s Latest APK. Just Tap on the below-mentioned download link to download the Nix Injector App.

AppNix Injector
Size8 MB
RequiresAndroid 6.0 +
Updated2 day ago

Full List of Nix Injector’s Features

Let’s take a more detailed look at everything you can unlock using this amazing mod tool:


  • 424 skins for MM, Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Support, Tank heroes
  • MLBB Skin, Skin to Skin, Painted Skin


  • 40 Recall effects
  • 10 Respawn effects
  • 11 Elimination effects

Drone View

  • 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X zoom
  • Tablet mode
  • Works in Classic, Brawl, Ranked


  • 29 character emotes


  • 18 unique analog styles

Map Views

  • 10 options


  • Loading Screen, Game Lobby, Profile


  • Custom background music


  • Special intro videos (Geek Fam, RRQ, etc)

Other Hacks

  • Ultra HD graphics
  • Auto Mythic feature
  • Lag switch

With so many cool customizations at your fingertips, it’s easy to create a unique gaming profile that suits your style. The Nix Injector app makes the entire process quick and convenient.

How to Download, Install & Use Nix Injector

The process of installing Nix Injector and using it to mod MLBB is simple:

  1. Download the latest APK file from a trusted site.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android device to install third-party apps.
  3. Open the downloaded APK and tap Install.
  4. Once installed, open Nix Injector. No password is required.
  5. Browse the various mods and tap on them to unlock/equip them.
  6. Enable the mods you want inside the MLBB app.
  7. Enjoy using the premium skins, effects, and other hacks for free!

The intuitive interface and self-explanatory process make modding MLBB a complete breeze. Both new and experienced users can utilize Nix Injector without any learning curve.

Why Choose Nix Injector Over Other Mods?

There are a few other MLBB mod tools available besides Nix Injector. However, Nix stands out for the following reasons:

  • All-in-one solution for complete game modification
  • Regular updates for the latest MLBB compatibility
  • Ad-free, password-free, and easy to use
  • Entirely secure & risk-free modding experience
  • Optimized performance even on low-end devices
  • Active customer support in case of issues
  • Positive reputation within the MLBB community

Considering the comprehensive unlockable content, great performance, and reliability, Nix Injector is hands-down the best mod app for MLBB. It outclasses similar tools in all aspects.

The Final Verdict

Nix Injector is the ultimate modding solution for MLBB players looking to access premium skins and upgrades for free. With regular updates, a vast catalog of unlocks, and versatile functionality, it provides the ideal way to get a premium gaming experience without spending money. MLBB fans should definitely give Nix Injector a try to take their game to the next level!


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