What is WiFi 6 and How Fast is its Speed?

Today we are going to tell you about WiFi 6. What is WiFi 6, how WiFi 6 works, and how much speed of WiFi 6 is?

What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 is the next generation of wireless technology. The demand for fast Internet is increasing rapidly. The need for Fast Internet Speed ​​of the Internet is being demanded in videos, web articles, games. WiFi 6 is Solution Of This Problem. The next generation of WiFi, known as WiFi 6, is expected that we will get maximum Internet speed.

WiFi 6 is also known as “AX WiFi” and “802.11ax WiFi”. This is the current 802.11ac and improves the WiFi standard. Originally, WiFi 6 has been built due to the growing devices in the world. WiFi 6 will be able to give us the best speed of the Internet.


WiFi 6 Speed?

As we know, WiFi 6 is an advanced and latest version of WiFi, it is faster than WiFi 5, and you will get excellent speed. Speaking of the estimated rate, you will get a speed of up to 9.6Gbps in WiFi 6. Currently, we have a speed of 3.5Gbps or more in WiFi 5. WiFi 6 speed 2.5 times higher And Better Than WiFi 5.

Benefits of WiFi 6.

  • WiFi 6 will provide high-speed Internet to connected devices.
  • The battery charge of the mobile will be almost non-end.
  • There will be better performance in crowded areas.
  • All devices will get a long battery life.
  • WiFi 6 has also improved the internet connection to a great extent.
  • WiFi 6 will be able to use the Internet more smoothly.

WiFi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa said, “We are very excited about WiFi 6. Offering Wi-Fi with the new name will prove to be better for the industry and users. This will allow users and industry to better understand Wi-Fi generation in any device and connection. “
After the arrival of WiFi 6, we can expect a new revolution in the internet world.


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