7 Ways To Get Zee5 Premium Accounts For Free

Zee5 Subscription Free: This is a complete guide to getting a Zee5 Premium Account for free legally. In this post, I tell you some of the best ways to get a Zee5 subscription absolutely free on your mobile device or PC.


Hello, guys, My name is Thomas, and in this post, I show you how you can get Zee5 subscription-free in 2024. if you want it, then read this post till the end.

In the post, I show you multiple methods and tricks to get a Zee5 Premium Account for Free. I have around 6 to 7 of the best skills to get a Zee5 premium subscription in 2024.

Zee5 Premium Subscription Free

Almost every tech accents blog member and my friend circle ask me how to get a Zee5 premium account free. So, guys, I wrote this post, especially for all of you.

In the post, I try to describe the best and most genuine way of getting Zee5 subscription-free.

Here you see some methods and tricks to get a Zee5 Premium Account. We discuss more in this post.

  1. Airtel Zee5 Subscription Free
  2. Vodafone Play Zee5 Subscription free
  3. Jio Cinema Zee5 Premium Account
  4. IRCTC Zee5 Subscription Free
  5. Zee5 Staring Trial Free
  6. Zee5 Premium account username and password (EMAIL ID and Password)

So guys, here you have seen some popular methods to access Zee5 premium content for free. You can use these methods to watch Zee5’s premium content free of charge in 2024.

Guys Before I start to tell you about how to get a Zee5 Premium account for free,? I think we should see some details about Zee5.

Zee5 is a video-on-demand website run by Essel Group. (Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited) Zee5 launched in 2018, and now zee5 has 150+ million users worldwide. Currently, Zee5 is Available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Bhojpuri, and Kannada. Zee5 is the best video streaming service like NetFlixHotstar, Amazon Prime, SonyLiv, Voot, and ALT Balaji.

Now come back to our topic! How Do I Get Zee5 Free?

Zee5 Premium Accounts List ID and Password

This is the updated list of zee5 premium accounts id and passwords. (Please do not change the change password)

Account IDsPasswords
[email protected]Pawan123
[email protected]1234.com
[email protected]piyush29
[email protected]Google123@
[email protected]vikada6112
[email protected]partha@2006
[email protected]pranPRAN1234
[email protected]niksss5869
[email protected]DrUfe3ETr2y
[email protected]kdshab.5682
[email protected]WAI7NOMCCX
[email protected]selodoj5698
[email protected]VgETpnHxB1
[email protected]O3yfDV5VlS
[email protected]hexim64390
[email protected]priya@1234
[email protected]sudha9865#
[email protected]harish$2282!
[email protected]sujs61589
[email protected]786fatima
[email protected]alliswell33#@
[email protected]jGFTS8r8dt
[email protected]mannMANN1234
[email protected]telake9524
[email protected]LSvZqhmnV6
[email protected]singhisking@589$
[email protected]prPR1234
[email protected]simisimsim98
[email protected]yaali786$%
[email protected]4jQCo2TezY
[email protected]ImAwMUwFLn
[email protected]I6DPLrTGDF
[email protected]mWdrcdZdxWro
[email protected]aQ2NUdnEptQ4
[email protected]WvNTB0EzpNR5
[email protected]86496766
[email protected]omOM9685&
[email protected]maanmitu1988
[email protected]iNBPiaP50e15
[email protected]tris963257412
[email protected]ondgdg0618

Airtel Zee5 Subscription Free

Zee5 Premium Account Free airtel tv

Airtel TV is our first way to get Zee5 Subscription free, Recently airtel tv collab with Zee5 company, and he gives you a Zee5 premium subscription free with the Airtel TV app.


So friends, let’s see how we get it! Here you see some instructions to get a Zee5 Free account with Airtel TV. You follow these steps.

  1. It would be best if you had an Airtel SIM compulsory
  2. Now you need to install Airtel TV App on your Device or visit Airtel Xstream Website
  3. After it, Now you login in Airtel TV app
  4. Here you see the Simple interface of Airtel TV
  5. Now you Find the Web Shows Option
  6. Now click on it
  7. Here you see all the premium content of Zee5 free
  8. You can also use the search option to find any Zee5 content in Airtel TV App

Vodafone Play Zee5 Subscription free

Zee5 Subscription Free vodafone play

Vodafone Play is also the Best Alternative to airtel tv to watch zee5 premium content free. Vodafone Play Provides you with all features and shows of Zee5 For Free.

So let’s See How we can use Vodafone Play for watching zee5 free. Follow the given below points.

  1. Would you Need Idea or Vodafone SIM
  2. Now Install Vodafone Play on your Device or visit Vodafone Play Website
  3. After installing, now you log in
  4. Now Find Web Shows option or Search Option
  5. By using these options, you see Zee5 content in Vodafone Play APP
  6. Also, this method is entirely free

Jio Cinema Zee5 Premium Account

Jio Cinema is our 3rd best way to watch zee5 premium account shows freely. Jio Cinema app is Work like Vodafone Play and Airtel TV.

Zee5 Subscription Free

Jio Cinema app’s some feature is like Airtel TV. Example – Online Movies, TV Shows, and Zee5 Free Subscriptions.

Follow the given below steps to access Zee5 Premium Account Free with Jio Cinema App.

  1. You Need a Working Jio SIM With Internet Pack
  2. Now you Download Jio Cinema App
  3. Now install it on your Device
  4. After installing, Now you want to login
  5. After completing this process, Now Click on the Continue Button
  6. Choose your interest like – language or content
  7. Now find Web Shows Category
  8. Visit this category and see Zee5 Premium Account content for free.

IRCTC Zee5 Subscription Free (iMudra App)

Indian Railway (IRCTC) recently launched an app called iMudra. This app mostly helps you to book a train ticket essay. But how we can use this app to get a zee5 Subscription free?

Zee5 Premium Account Free iMudra app

Follow the given below steps to use IRCTC iMudra App for watching Zee5 Premium content free.

  1. Firstly you download and install the app
  2. Now compile the signup or login process
  3. Compile your necessary KYC in App
  4. Now click on the virtual visa card option
  5. After this, you get a virtual visa card
  6. Now go on the Zee5 Premium Account parches page or the official website
  7. Here you can use that virtual visa card here
  8. Now enjoy your Zee5 Premium Account.

Zee5 Staring Trial Free

Friends zee5 officially provides you with its trial plan free for 15 days. In these 15 days, you can use the zee5 account completely free.

So let’s see how we can get this 15-day zee5 trial free. Follow the given below steps.

  1. you need to download Zee5 app or visit zee5 website
  2. Now you create a new account here (if you have already a zee5 account then never try)
  3. Now Click on start trial option
  4. Here fill in your credit card details (if needed)
  5. Don’t worry here you no need to pay anything
  6. After bypassing this page, you can remove your credit card details and enjoy zee5 for 15 days.

Zee5 Premium account username and password (EMAIL ID and Password)

This method is straightforward and very fast to access the Zee5 Premium account for free. In this method, you need a zee5 premium account id and password.

But Friends How do we get Zee5 Premium account username and password let’s see.

If any friend has a Zee5 premium subscription, then you tell him to provide Zee5 Premium account login details.

But if your friends or anyone that you know has not Zee5 premium account, then you can search for it on the web.

On the internet, thousands of websites provide you with zee5 premium account login cookies and ID, Password. But generally, the most website is fake and do not offer you real details.

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So, guys, these are the real ways to get a zee5 premium account for free. Now we see some alternative ways to use the Zee5 Premium account, but we and Tech Accents do not recommend you use it. (we provide you this information only for educational purposes)

Zee5 Premium Account Mod APK (Zee5 Premium account hack)

On the many websites that provide you, Zee5 moded APK. In this APK Zee5 Premium subscription is pre-activated. If you download these types of Apk, then you can use Zee5 Premium Account For Free without the help of any third party.

But wait! These moded apk are not safe for your privacy and leak your private data. like -photos, videos, and contact details. (So, Never you this)

So, guys, I hope you like this post, and if you like this post, then do share it on social media. Come back to our blog to get the latest offers and Tricks to use premium services free legally.


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